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Rumi Kitchen on 3810 Broadway unfortunately had to close down in July of 2023. We sincerely apologize to the customers who loved and enjoyed our food, we appreciate all of the support and wish we could've continued the business.


We are still continuing our bakery business! Out of the Rumi Kitchen family home with a cottage food permit, we bake and sell homemade pastries with Persian ingredients, the same way we made them at Rumi Kitchen.

Our bakery business is labeled as "Persian Bakery", and you can find us at:


The dishes and food we make are traditional recipes, always freshly cooked and made. We use natural products and produce. 


Yes! Our food is 100% halal! We make our food with all halal-certified ingredients.


"This has got to be the most Oakland thing ever. Excellent Persian food inside of a sketchy gas station."

- Marco C.

"This place really deserves more than a gas station spot - great food for a great price!"

- Nathaniel S.

"Rumi Kitchen was really delightful! The food has a lot of flavor and you can tell they make their dishes with love and care."

- Shannon S.

"The aroma caught my attention when I stopped for gas, ordered a lamb shank and I was blown away by the flavor, the quality, and his wonderful kind service."

- Brian A.

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