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At Rumi Kitchen, we cook Persian food, as well as some other international dishes. Along with our kitchen we bake home-made pastries, with fresh ingredients. When most people see Persian, they think Iranian. But that isn't the case here. Welcome to our restaurant, which besides making Mediterranean dishes is also introducing you to dishes and pastries from all over Persia. They may not all be on the menu, but we're still working on it. For a long time we desired to have a kitchen where we could make foods we knew were best, and our traditional food was the answer. As a small business our food is always made fresh. Our morals are based on the teachings of Rumi, and how his poetry and way of life inspire us and many people worldwide. He taught us to always be positive, never to lose hope, and live life in a way that is kind to us, and to others.

House of poet Moulana Jalāl ad-Dīn Rumi in Balkh, Afghanistan.

 "من محو خدایم‌ و خدا آن منست

هر سویش مه جوید که در جان منست

سلطان منم و غلط نمایم بشما

گویم که کسی هست که سلطان من هست."

مولانا رومی

"I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God. Why look in all directions?"


Moulana Rumi

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