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We cater for up to 30 people! Please call 3 days ahead if you'd like to place an order, and call 510-395-3439. We prefer that you pick up your order, and you can pay either by cash or card.
NOTE: If your order is for a Sunday, we may be able to deliver to you. 
We've brought in 5 new items that will only be available to get by calling us 24hrs prior to pickup! (510)-692-7611
Adas Palow: $20
Qurma Sabzi: $20
Aab Gosht: $20
Oven Lamb Shank: $15 each
Naan Mazari: $4 each 

Naan Mazari:

This round and fluffy bread you may have seen, has lots of names. Around Central Asia and afar, this type of bread is special to many no matter what they call it. It's also called Naan Uzbeki. The type made at Rumi Kitchen was invented in the Balkh region of Persia, where many poets and influential leaders also came from. It's good with stews and saucy foods, and is also a great pair with tea at breakfast. 

Don't hesitate! Call to get your loaf now!

Naan Mazari
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